This is my first attempt at blogging. My hope is to generate interest, experiences and hope to married people whose relationship could use God’s help.  What marriage doesn’t?

My own situation is currently in the “strong emotional pain” of a seemingly hopeless separation.  I have to admit to having been here before. Each separation was different in my eyes, but a tiring “crazy” pattern in my wifes eyes.

The last three times are what I will focus on unless relevant information from my pathetic track record dictates a mention.

I have for the past three separations been going through a wonderful book called, “the Love Dare”. Each time that I have gone through the 40 “Dares” I have gained new insights. I am currently on Dare 11.

I cannot do the actual dares, because of a breakdown of communications. I do journal each dare in a notebook and review what I wrote on the previous journeys through the book.

I felt on the occasions of my wife giving me another chance, that I had grown.   BUT, here is a bit of advice for anyone given another chance at making their marriage work. DO NOT neglect to learn Gods perspective on what true love is and how to view and treat your mate. I neglected to review the Dare lessons and now I must be honest and admit, I might not get another chance.

There are a host of people in and out of Christian circles who do not subscribe to the Love Dare perspective and encourage divorce. I went through a painful divorce 20 year ago. I do not want to go through another one!

I am praying for Gods help and asking for prayer support from like-minded Christians to have healing in our marriage and for reconciliation. I am trying to stay out of the way and granting my wife her current requests.

I have made numerous missteps at every turn and it always leads me back to relying totally on God to work on our hearts.

In future blogs I will share more of my path through life that qualifies me as one of the truly flawed people on earth and where it has taken me.

I look forward to any suggestions, comments, support and prayers this blog may generate.

Peace and Blessings,