Day 12 is amazingly instructive. Do you find yourself in arguments that repeat and have no resolution? The lesson today illustrates how God gave up His rights and came to earth and submitted Himself to suffering, ridicule, rejection and ultimately death on the cross. FOR US He did these things.

All it takes to stop an argument is for one of the parties being willing to lay down their “right” and say, “I’ll give in on this one”. How many issues arise that are worth destroying your marriage? In my case, in all the years of unresolved conflict, NOT ONE was worth destroying the marriage over! Not one was worth the message that was given, “you are not worth my consideration, I will not honor you, I do not cherish you”. Being unwilling to be flexible, loving, and to humbly submit, is communicating those sentiments. Ask if those sentiments are what I felt and I’d say, “no”. Doesn’t matter so much what we say, it’s what we do.

My wife told me I didn’t like her, accept her, cherish her or really love her. I disagreed, but I continued to demonstrate that she was right, by not setting aside my “rights” and my pride.

One year ago I lost my temper with my stepson. My wife was rightly mad that I lost control with him. I grabbed his jaw in my hand and got in his face. My wife thought I grabbed him by the throat, doesn’t matter, I should not have grabbed him in anger. The fight prompted my moving out. One year later, I remember the incident, I don’t remember what it was about.

Today I am very close to my stepson. Today my wife will not speak to me, acknowledge that she is even married and I have no earthly hope that there is a chance to remedy that.

I will be a better person if I follow where I have been directed to go. I am clay in the Masters hands and He will complete His work in me.