I am having a difficult time writing about today’s lesson, I hope it does not turn into the rambling mess that yesterday’s did.  The imagery in the Bible as referenced in today’s reading moved me unexpectedly. I understand that we are spirit, soul and body. That there are three distinct components of every man, woman and child, amazes me.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, all three in perfect unity, present at “The Creation”.  God creating the heavens and the earth, the Holy Spirit “moving over the surface of the waters”, and the Son speaking the world into existence!  .  God said “let us make man in our image” and He made them both male and female (this was prior to Eve’s creation).   The mystery of the scripture of all Three on the scene at the same time blows me away.

To be a witness at the baptism of Jesus would have put you at the place of the Trinity being present.  As Jesus emerged from the water, the Spirit descends like a dove and the Father proclaims, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”.  I get goose bumps thinking about this; at times this scene can bring tears to my eyes.

“In the unique relationship of husband and wife, two distinct individuals are spiritually united into “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).  Is it hard to comprehend the idea of “one flesh”?  I realize for those among us who do not believe in the creation story, this concept must be totally nonsensical.  I believe Eve was made from the rib of Adam (think DNA), so they came from one flesh and when we marry and consummate the marriage, we become one flesh with that person.

“The church (the bride) is most honored when her Savior is worshiped and celebrated.  Christ (the bridegroom), who has given Himself up for her, is most honored when He sees her, ‘as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless’ (Ephesians 5. 27).  Both Christ and the church love and honor the other.”

The Love Dare book asks to questions for our consideration, Husband— “What would happen in your marriage if you devoted yourself to loving, honoring, and serving your wife in all things?  What if you determined that the preservation of your oneness with this woman was worth every sacrifice and expression of love you could make?  What would change in your home if you took that approach to your relationship on a daily basis?”

Wife—“What would happen if you made it your mission to do everything possible to promote togetherness of heart with your husband?  What if every threat to your unity was treated as a poison, a cancer, an enemy to be eliminated by love, humility and selflessness?  What would your marriage become if you were never again willing to see your oneness torn apart?”

Sounds like a good stopping point, to meditate on the power of God’s unity, what we become when married, how Jesus sees us and consider what if BOTH parties to a marriage walked out the principles of this book?

All quotes from “The Love Dare”, unless noted otherwise