In 40 days my marriage will end in divorce, unless God intervenes.

There are references to 40 days, years, throughout the Bible. The Love Dare book is 40 days of “dares”. I feel lead to go through the LD book one more time during this 40 day period.

It has been 7 1/2 months according to my reckoning, for how long my wife and I have been separated. According to my wife, it has been 11 months. Much has happened during this time. Our daughter-in-laws’ grandmother died, Christmas was spent apart, my children’s grandmother died, my youngest stepson’s dad died, Easter was spent apart, sporting and school events were missed of Garrets’ Senior year in High School. Good news, my oldest daughter is going to have a baby boy in October! All these major life events were experienced as a single person, no comfort or joint celebration was possible.

I was an emotional wreck for months and learned that this was not unusual. Studies indicate that divorce demands up to 85% of our emotional energy. That is a huge imbalance! Through much counsel and countless prayers of many godly people, I am still here. I still attend 5 recovery meetings per week and have made many new and supportive friends.

I have given away many copies of the Love Dare book and promote it when I can. I firmly recommend if you embark on this LD journey, say a prayer to prevent the “enemy” from sabotaging your efforts. I feel that there was an element of spiritual warfare present in the demise of my marriage. I had just started in earnest to seek a spiritual and practical solution to our marriage and personal problems when my wife declared she was quitting. I still am responsible for my behaviors and have submitted and do submit to God’s correction and teaching.

The first Love Dare lesson proclaims that Love works! The lesson is on exercising patience and not returning evil for evil. Get a copy of the Love Dare and follow along with me, tell me how it goes.

I am going to keep this short, I am using my phone to type this post. God Bless you and your marriage…